Figure 1 Co-founder

I’ve been struck lately at how all my routines have been upset. Everything’s been more difficult because all of my trusty routines for work and play have to be re-written. That chaos alone is hard to manage, and then there’s the part of my job where I help look after a patient who dies. Last night I looked after a patient who died from septic shock. He was in his 50's and had multiple comorbidities, but it was startling to see someone that young be so ill. Yes, he did have COVID-19, but that part faded into the background pretty quickly when I noticed something that made me feel reassured. No one at work (doctors or nurses) are talking about who’s got the virus and who doesn’t. We mostly talk about who’s sick and who’s not. Our patient wasn’t treated differently because he was struck with the pandemic strain, he was treated differently because he needed extra care. Most of the staff nurses knew the patient was going to pass away imminently, but that didn’t distract from the routine resuscitation measures that we attempted (amiodarone, sodium bicarbonate, sedation). Blur your eyes a bit and it just looks like normal ICU work. Ignore the pumps sitting outside the patient rooms, their extra-long IV dangling out, and everyone wearing masks. Just look at the people doing their jobs. It feels amazing.