47yof presented you the ED c/o shortness of breath, fever, cough, and hypoxia for the past 4 days. The patients initial vitals were 90/64, HR 121, 39.2C, RR 24 and shallow, and 88% on room air. The patient reported that she was a RN at a skilled nursing facility with a couple ill residents but no testing had been performed. She reports that 3 days ago she had to leave because she was short of breath. An IV was established and labs were drawn (not available for inclusion) and flu, strep, RSV, and COVID-19 swabs were obtained. A 500mL bolus was administered and the patient was placed on 3LPM of O2 via cannula to maintain SpO2 of approx 97%. CT showed extensive pneumonia, presumptive for COVID-19. Medications given: Rocephin 1gm IV, Tessalon 200mg PO, Azithromycin 500mg PO, albuterol by MDI, Fenesin 600mg PO. This patient was transferred for inpatient care and resulted positive for COVID-19.