Family Medicine Resident

71YO AA female felt unwell and weak for 2 days, decreased PO presented after syncope (12hrs later). Diarrhea on day of presentation only. PMHx breast ca s/p mastectomy/ radiation, radiation induced pulmonary fibrosis, HFrEF secondary to ICM. Recent negative stress test. Temp 90.4, 118/64, 83, 100% RA with RR 15. Pt with mild cough, subjective fevers. No travel. No sick contact. Mild exertional SOB. Had been self quarantine at home with asymptomatic sister. WBC 9.0. Na 119, Cr 4.49, Alk Ph 367, ESR 32. CT head neg. mediport with BC negative. TSH nml. CXR stable cardiomegaly with mild congestion (1). Second CXR for baseline. Patient profoundly dry on exam but A&O x3 with temp improving VS WNL. 1L IVF over 2 hr Na 117. EKG QTc514 otherwise stable. Rapid deterioration. BP 74/54 RR in 20s. HR 70. Pox 100% RA. Patient only complaint was anxiety. Hemodynamic collapse and death. Covid positive