Medical Student

67 yr old gentleman, came in because of shortness of breath, low grade fever and general malaise PMHx Asthma No previous ITU admissions SHx Taxi driver in London CXR showed bilateral patchy consolidation, with elevated CRP, mildly elevated WCC. Desaturation on room air to 90% Covid-19 sample came back negative, thus was treated for CAP with Co-amoxiclav Pt didn’t improve was still hypoxic on Room air 93% saturation. A repeat Covid-19 swab was negative and We did a CT scan to rule out PE Radiologist reported of three features from china and the US highly suggestive of Covid-19 Peripheral distribution Ground glass opacification Bronchiovascular thickening As well as craving paving These findings were highly suggestive atypical viral pneumonia COVID-19. (P<0.01)