Case in Santa Fe, NM Responded to 32 y/o Female with chief complaint of difficulty breathing and in and out of consciousness. Female had no travel history of the state and only medical history was of Asthma. Upon our arrival we took PPE precautions with N95, eye pro, isolation gown and gloves. We found the female in her room laying supine sleeping. Female reported she had developed dry cough within last couple of weeks and her fever progressed and she couldn’t catch her breath. Family had been monitoring her temp with records of 102,103, and 103.8 while on scene. We placed a Mask of the patient and asked her to go to the hospital to be tested and for meeting CDC guidelines with her refusing transport and care. Many attempts to get her to be transported because of symptoms and history of breathing problems with no success. Pt. Presented clammy, hot to the touch, eyes were watery, dry cough and severe exhaustion noted. She denied further care so we could not listen to lung sounds but labored breathing was noted. We called ER for her and gave them her information because she was going to go in POV with her fiancé. First case presentation i dealt with and it was very hard to leave her but she refused transportation and further treatment.