CASE OF THE BOY WHO COULDN‘T TURN HIS HEAD [Field Medic Mystery Series: 8] You are called over by your neighbor who knows of your medical training. She’s distraught about her 5 year-old son’s fevers and swollen neck. Should she be worried? Her boy is still sleeping, but she relates details of the last few days. You summarize it in your mind like this... Day 1 (starting afternoon): Intermittent mild fevers Day 2: Mild fevers, sore throat, swollen neck (left side). Playing normally Day 3 (night): She checks on him at 2-3 am and he’s soaked. Fever of 102 F (38.9 C), but controlled with antipyretics. Neck swollen both sides, left side huge. No pain on swallowing, no rash, no vomiting, mild diarrhea Day 3 1/2 (morning): He can’t turn his head. Fever. Urgent care visit. Negative for strep. Advised to continue antipyretics. No other concerns or instructions. Considered viral “So that was yesterday. This morning I woke him up and his eyes were all red. I gave him ibuprofen and put him back to bed. Should I take him back in today? I’ll bring him out for you to see.” He walks out in pijamas holding mom’s hand. He tries to smile at you. His sclerae are vivid red, no exudate. Lips are cherry red. Posterior cervical lymphadenopathy. No rash. Hands look normal. No abdominal pain. Currently no fever. HR 90, RR 20. Lungs clear Challenge 1: What is the diagnosis?