CASE OF THE PERSISTENT MOM [Field Medic Mystery Series: 6] Dispatch: 11-month-old Female Flu-like symptoms. Additional note: Second call today, earlier refusal We walk in to see the mother taking her baby out of the car seat. The mother is crying and visibly on edge. “I don’t know, I don’t know. I’ve been to the doctor’s four times in the last two or three weeks.” Mom is pacing while holding the baby, who is awake and, at a glance, doesn’t appear to be in any distress. “She’s had fevers, throwing up, losing weight. She hasn’t been acting right for a month. I know something’s wrong. But I’m probably just wasting your time...” My partner asks, “Is this your first baby?” “Yes, but I’m not crazy I know something is wrong. And now today, her eyes just aren’t right.” I ask to examine the infant, with just the diaper on. She has subtle periorbital ecchymosis. Sclera clear, no injection. Pupils normal. No lymphadenopathy. She doesn’t feel feverish. HR 120, RR 22, lungs clear The mother denies trauma to the infant, and she’s the only one who takes care of her The “raccoon eyes” really get to me... there was something I’d read, something, something about those eyes, what was it....? “Oh, and when I was bathing her last night, I felt this lump in her back. Right here...” My heart sinks... I remember now