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Anchoring bias and the frequent flyer Welcome to DDx, a new podcast from Figure 1. In our second episode, a 19-year-old female with sickle cell disease presents to the emergency department in acute pain she describes as most severe in her legs and back and radiating to her abdomen. A frequent visitor to the ER with painful crises, the patient is convinced this is just another episode, and emergency medicine physician Dr. Gita Pensa treats her accordingly. When the pain worsens, Dr. Pensa questions her original diagnosis, and realizes the one crucial bias that nearly blinded her from correctly diagnosing the patient. This case comes to us from Dr. Gita Pensa from the Brown Emergency Medicine Residency Program. For more cases like this, follow @BrownEM. We invite you to share your clinical experiences with sickle cell disease, ectopic pregnancy, and anchoring bias.