Medical Organization

Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoC) has joined Choosing Wisely Canada, a national clinician led campaign to reduce unnecessary care. The RDoC Practice Committee developed a list that would be relevant to residents and trainees in all clinical specialties by reviewing evidence and generated a list of 20 candidate recommendations along with supporting evidence. The candidate recommendations were distributed to residents across Canada through an online questionnaire, with over 750 respondents. The RDoC Board approved and officially endorses the list of resident recommendations. 1. Don’t order investigations that will not change your patient’s management plan. 2. Don’t order repeat laboratory investigations on inpatients who are clinically stable. 3. Don’t order intravenous (IV) when an oral (PO) option is appropriate and tolerated. 4. Don’t order non-urgent investigations or procedures that will delay discharge of hospital inpatients. 5. Don’t order invasive studies if less invasive options are available and as effective.